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Are You Concerned About Your Indoor Air Quality?

Exposure to mold can occur when airborne mold cells, mostly spores, are inhaled. We breathe in these cells every day, indoors and out. Usually these exposures do not present a health risk. But when exposure is great, some individuals can experience illnesses that could be mild to serious or anywhere in between.

Mold can go undetected in homes and buildings. Mold should not grow indoors unless there are moisture problems in the building. Obvious causes of moisture problems include occupant-generated sources, floods, roof leaks, and problems with drainage or plumbing. A less obvious source of moisture is the effect of temperature gradients (temperature differences), especially in locations where relatively warm and moist air comes in contact with relatively cool surfaces. These conditions can cause water vapor to condense on building surfaces, just as it does on a glass of ice water on a warm, humid day.

Mold spores may be found lying dormant on almost every surface in a building. Unless large numbers of spores become airborne, there is usually little problem. However, when mold spores are on a surface with an appropriate moisture content, nutrients, and temperature, the spores will germinate and mold will grow. Elevated mold counts can cause health problems which may include: headaches, dizzy spells, respiratory issues, hives, chronic sinusitis and possible neurological conditions.

Mold Aid

Mold Aid is one of the most experienced, certified and trusted indoor environmental companies on the east coast. Mold Aid provides the following services:

Mold Testing

Mold Remediation

Emergency Flood Response

Indoor Environmental Assessments

Moisture Mapping

Structural Drying

Commercial and Residential


Mold Aid is one of the most recommended Indoor Environmental Companies on the east coast and is the leading choice of:

Real Estate Companies

Home and Building Owners

Insurance Companies




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